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Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba
First place on the Earth: Pomona, California, USA  (USA)
date: 28 Apr 1981
Height: 5' 7'' (1.70 metres) height.
Awards Nominated for Golden Globe. and 10 wins & 30 nominations.
Age: 38 years.
Worked like:Actress, Producer, Thanks.
Play Roles:37
First work:1994 - The Secret World of Alex Mack
Last was:2012 - Escape from Planet Earth.

Jessica Alba mini bio:

Jessica Marie Alba was a born star. With a penchant for acting and encouragement from her mother Jessica Alba quickly landed a small role in the Hollywood flick Camp Nowhere, which turned into a significant role after one of the actresses, had to bail out on the project. After completing high school she went on to study acting at Atlantic Theater Company. The turning point in her career was her portrayal of Max Guevara, a super soldier, in the sci-fi series Dark Angel (With Hollywood Titan James Cameron at its helm), for which she was praised by critics, and garnered a cult following, which further boosted her career. She then went on to do Sin City, Good Luck Chuck, and the Marvel produced super hero franchise Fantastic Four as Susan Sue apart from several other studio flicks. Jessica being the philanthropist she is indulges actively in a lot of charity work.


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Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba:
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba:
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba:
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba:
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba:
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba:
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba:
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba:

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