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Eric Bana

Eric Bana
Eric Bana
First place on the Earth: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia  (Australia)
date: 09 Aug 1968
Height: 6' 2'' (1.88 metres) height.
Awards 8 wins & 11 nominations.
Age: 54 years.
Worked like:Actor, Writer, Producer, Director, Thanks.
Play Roles:26
First work:1993-1997 - Full Frontal
Last was:013 - By Virtue Fall.

Eric Bana mini bio:

Eric Banadinovich

Eric Banadinovich also known as Eric Bana is a very prominent Australian TV and film artist. At the start of his career, he was a very good comedian. His role in ‘full Frontal’ was admired a lot. The first film of his career is Chooper which was a biographical movie. The role of the hulk was a turning point of Bana’s career. He was chosen as the sexiest male actor of year 2008 in Victoria’s secret. He never had a single horseback riding experience before "Troy". During the shooting of the movie, he turned his trailer as a bar for the entire crew. Brad Pitt requested him personally to be his co-actor in the movie as he was a big admirer of ‘Chopper’. He is a close friend of Hugh Jackman. Eric shares same birthday with Sam Elliot. His upcoming movies are ‘Beware the Night’ and ‘Lone Survivor’.   


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Eric Bana
Eric Bana:
Eric Bana
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Eric Bana
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Eric Bana
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Eric Bana
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Eric Bana
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Eric Bana
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Eric Bana
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