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James Marsden

James Marsden
James Marsden
First place on the Earth: Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA  (USA)
date: 18 Sep 1973
Height: 5' 10'' (1.77 metres) height.
Awards 4 wins & 5 nominations.
Age: 46 years.
Worked like:Actor, Soundtrack.
Play Roles:51
First work:1993 - Joe's Life
Last was:??? - Nailed.

James Marsden mini bio:

 James Paul Marsden

James Paul Marsden is an American Actor, who was born on 18 September, 1973 in Stillwater in Oklahoma, USA. His father was a professor and his mother was a nutritionist. He has four siblings. He became popular when he appeared in the X Men movies as “Cyclops” where he starred alongside actors like Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry. He made his debut with a TV show called “Nanny”. He then appeared in several other TV shows like “Boogies Dinner”, “Second Noah”, “Party for Five”, etc. He became a familiar face on the big screen when he starred alongside Katie Holmes in “Disturbing Behavior”. His best and most critically acclaimed performance is in “Ally McBeal” where he played the role of Glenn Foy. His other commercially successful films include Notebook, 27 Dresses, 10th & Wolf, Lies and Alibis, X-Men Series, Superman Returns, Hairspray, Enchanted, The Box, etc.


James Marsden images:

James Marsden
James Marsden:
James Marsden
James Marsden:
James Marsden
James Marsden:
James Marsden
James Marsden:
James Marsden
James Marsden:
James Marsden
James Marsden:

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