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Kathleen Robertson

Kathleen Robertson
Kathleen Robertson
First place on the Earth: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada  (Canada)
date: 08 Jul 1973
Height: 5' 4'' (1.62 metres) height.
Awards 6 nominations.
Age: 46 years.
Worked like:Actress, Producer, Writer.
Play Roles:49
First work:1985 - Left Out
Last was:2012 - Three Days in Havana.

Kathleen Robertson mini bio:

Kathleen E. Robertson

Kathleen Robertson is a Canadian actress who was born on 8th July 1937 who came in the notice from her role in Maniac Mansion, Beverly Hills, 90210 and Boss. She worked in the local theatres and took acting classes when she was just ten. Her debut in the television industry was from “My Secret Identity” while in case of the film industry; her debut was “Blown Away” which was a Brenton Spencer film. Kathleen was seen in movies like “Dog park”, “Beautiful”, “Scary Movie2” which made her popular and fetched her lot of appreciation as well. She is currently working on the movie, “The Vatican Tapes” which is expected to be released in 2014. Apart from that, her television series Murder in the First is also expected to start in 2014.


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Kathleen Robertson
Kathleen Robertson:
Kathleen Robertson
Kathleen Robertson:
Kathleen Robertson
Kathleen Robertson:
Kathleen Robertson
Kathleen Robertson:
Kathleen Robertson
Kathleen Robertson:
Kathleen Robertson
Kathleen Robertson:
Kathleen Robertson
Kathleen Robertson:
Kathleen Robertson
Kathleen Robertson:

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