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Marcus Miller

Marcus Miller
Marcus Miller
First place on the Earth: Brooklyn, New York, USA  (USA)
date: 14 Jun 1959
Awards Nominated for Primetime Emmy. and
Age: 60 years.
Worked like:Composer, Soundtrack, Actor.
Play Roles:43
First work:1980 - Saturday Night Live
Last was:011 - Reed Between the Lines.

Marcus Miller mini bio:

Marcus Miller

William Henry Marcus Miller Jr. is a multi talented personality. He is a multi- instrumentalist, bass guitarist, producer and jazz musician. Miller is a first-call session composer who graces over 500 music albums. He won the award of ‘Most valuable Player’ for three years consecutively. He was the member of famous music band ‘Legends’ in 1997. Now he has his own music band. Last year on 25th November, his tour bus met with an accident while moving to Monte Carlo. The driver died at the instance and the entire 10 members got some injuries. He has won several Grammy Awards for his works. He was chosen as a UNESCO artist in 2002 for supporting ‘Slave Route Project’. He has done work with numerous famous artists in his career like Chris Rock, Jamie Foxx, Beyonce Knowles, Vivaca Foxx, LL cool J and many more.   


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Marcus Miller
Marcus Miller:
Marcus Miller
Marcus Miller:
Marcus Miller
Marcus Miller:
Marcus Miller
Marcus Miller:
Marcus Miller
Marcus Miller:
Marcus Miller
Marcus Miller:
Marcus Miller
Marcus Miller:
Marcus Miller
Marcus Miller:

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