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Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul
First place on the Earth: Emmett, Idaho, USA  (USA)
date: 27 Aug 1979
Height: 5' 8'' (1.73 metres) height.
Awards Won Primetime Emmy. and 1 win & 5 nominations.
Age: 40 years.
Worked like:Actor.
Play Roles:52
First work:1998 - Even the Losers
Last was:012 - Decoding Annie Parker.

Aaron Paul mini bio:

Aaron Paul Sturtevant is a talented American actor who was born on 27th August, 1979. He started his career with the television shows that earned a lot of fame to him. It was in the year 2008 that he became the real star and was highly appreciated for his fabulous role in Breaking Bad. Before becoming a popular star, Paul has also worked as a movie theatre usher and started his career in the year 1998. Initially he started with many music videos and later turned towards the American television shows where he become a well known name among the audiences. Some of his popular movies include Candy Paint, Leo, Choking Man, Smashed, Decoding Annie Parker. Other movies to be released in the coming months are Need for Speed, Quad, Exodus and A Long Way Down.


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Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul:
Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul:
Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul:
Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul:
Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul:
Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul:
Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul:
Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul:

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