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Joey Starr

Joey Starr
Joey Starr
First place on the Earth: Saint-Denis, Seine-Saint-Denis, France  (France)
date: 27 Oct 1967
Height: 5' 10'' (1.79 metres) height.
Awards 1 nomination.
Age: 52 years.
Worked like:Actor, Composer, Soundtrack.
Play Roles:15
First work:1990 - Le Lyonnais
Last was:012 - Colt 45.

Joey Starr mini bio:

Didier Morville is one of the famous personalities of the music industry and known as an awesome rapper. More popularly known as Joeystarr, Didier was born on 27th October 1967 and makes his audience go crazy. Apart from being a superb singer, Didier has also formed his own group called as Supreme NTM together with his friend Kool Shen. The rapper also knows how to play different instruments like turntables, guitar, percussion, keyboards and synthesizers. He was brought up in a very bad environment with his father being very violent. He initially joined military but after spending 19 months he realized that he should start his career as a rapper. There are many awards as well as recognitions in his name including best rap artist, best actor in secondary role twice and many more. 


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Joey Starr
Joey Starr:
Joey Starr
Joey Starr:
Joey Starr
Joey Starr:
Joey Starr
Joey Starr:
Joey Starr
Joey Starr:
Joey Starr
Joey Starr:
Joey Starr
Joey Starr:
Joey Starr
Joey Starr:

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