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Kathy Bates

Kathy Bates
Kathy Bates
First place on the Earth: Memphis, Tennessee, USA  (USA)
date: 28 Jun 1948
Height: 5' 3'' (1.60 metres) height.
Awards Won Oscar. and 25 wins & 37 nominations.
Age: 72 years.
Worked like:Actress, Director, Soundtrack, Producer.
Play Roles:102
First work:1971 - Taking Off
Last was:2012 - Starbright.

Kathy Bates mini bio:

Kathleen Doyle Bates Kathleen Doyle Bates is an American Actress and director who was born on 28thJuly 1948 and has done several minor roles in the 1970s in films as well as television. Her performance is “Misery” brought her into notice and she won the Best Actress Award at the Academy awards. She also got golden Globe awards for the same. She was seen in Fried Green Tomatoes, Dolores Claiborne and the very famous, Titanic. She has won several awards for the movies she has done and gained a lot of appreciation. Her list of awards for the best actress and the best supporting actress seems endless. Bates was also seen in “Two and a Half Men” and American Horror Story. She has recently been working with Tammy, which is to be released in 2014.


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Kathy Bates
Kathy Bates:
Kathy Bates
Kathy Bates:
Kathy Bates
Kathy Bates:
Kathy Bates
Kathy Bates:
Kathy Bates
Kathy Bates:
Kathy Bates
Kathy Bates:
Kathy Bates
Kathy Bates:
Kathy Bates
Kathy Bates:

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