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Martin Short

Martin Short
Martin Short
First place on the Earth: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada  (Canada)
date: 26 Mar 1950
Height: 5' 7'' (1.71 metres) height.
Awards Won Primetime Emmy. and 3 wins & 19 nominations.
Age: 69 years.
Worked like:Actor, Writer, Producer, Soundtrack, Director, Thanks.
Play Roles:78
First work:1972 - Right On
Last was:012 - Frankenweenie.

Martin Short mini bio:

Martin Hayter Short

Martin Hayter Short is a well known Canadian-American actor, singer, producer, lyricist, writer, comedian and voice actor. He is popular for his comic timing and humor. He has done several television shows like ‘Saturday Nights Live’ and SCTV. ‘Lost and Found’ was his first film that set him on silver screen. He is the fifth and youngest child of his parents. He got the Earl Grey award for his performance in SCTV. For his contribution to the entertainment industry, he received CM (Order of Canada) award. He was married to Nancy Dolman who died in 2007 due to cancer. Martin is also an active theatre artist and loves to act there. His cousin brother is Clare Short who was a former British cabinet Minister. ‘Hollywood Game Night’ and ‘Inherent Vice’ are his upcoming projects.


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Martin Short
Martin Short:
Martin Short
Martin Short:
Martin Short
Martin Short:
Martin Short
Martin Short:
Martin Short
Martin Short:
Martin Short
Martin Short:
Martin Short
Martin Short:
Martin Short
Martin Short:

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