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Max Irons

Max Irons
Max Irons
First place on the Earth:
date: 17 Oct 1985
Height: 6' 2'' (1.87 metres) height.
Age: 33 years.
Worked like:Actor.
Play Roles:7
First work:2004 - Being Julia
Last was:013 - The Host.

Max Irons mini bio:

Maximilian Paul Diarmuid Irons was born on 17th October 1985 in Camden, London to Sinead Cusack and Jeremy Irons. He graduated from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 2008. He suffered dyslexia from small. Because of that, his father did not encourage him to enter into the acting career. He also worked as a bartender when starting his acting career. He starred as Curtain Call Boy in the movie Being Julia (2004). He played as Tom in the short film, Unrequited Love.. He played as Lucius in the movie titled Dorian Gray. He played as henry in the film, Red Riding Hood. He starred as Tommy in 3 episodes of the TV series, Runaway. He played as Jared Howe in the movie, The Host (2013). He is best known for his role as Edward IV in The White Queen. He starred in 9 episodes of The White Queen (2013).


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Max Irons
Max Irons:
Max Irons
Max Irons:
Max Irons
Max Irons:
Max Irons
Max Irons:
Max Irons
Max Irons:
Max Irons
Max Irons:
Max Irons
Max Irons:
Max Irons
Max Irons:

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