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Dany Boon

Dany Boon
Dany Boon
First place on the Earth: Armentières, Nord, France  (France)
date: 26 Jun 1966
Awards 7 nominations.
Age: 53 years.
Worked like:Actor, Writer, Director, Producer, Thanks.
Play Roles:24
First work:1995 - Le grand blanc de Lambaréné
Last was:012 - Fly Me to the Moon.

Dany Boon mini bio:

 Danny Boon born originally with the name Daniel Hamidou is a living French comedian. The well known       comedian is known to have acted on stage as well as on screen. The actor took his stage name from his stage show Daniel Boone. The comedian cum actor has one daughter and four sons from three different unions. It was in 2008 that he was recognized as the highest paid actor in the whole of European film history. He had earned a net amount of 33 million dollars.

He received recognition and fame because of certain roles such as Richard in The valet, and Bazil in Micmacs. Movies such as Joyeux Noel, Micmacs, Benenuti al Sud, and Nothing to Declare turned out to be a great success for him. As an actor he was last seen in Asterix and Obelix: God Save Britannia (2012). After this the actor wasn’t seen on the big screen any further. Moreover, there are no news reports that tell us about his current whereabouts and shootings.


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Dany Boon
Dany Boon:
Dany Boon
Dany Boon:
Dany Boon
Dany Boon:
Dany Boon
Dany Boon:
Dany Boon
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Dany Boon
Dany Boon:
Dany Boon
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Dany Boon
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