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All news /  2015-03-31 19:31:50 / 

Whoopi Goldberg

Date / 2015-03-31 19:31:50

During the candid interview along with the magazine of High Times, marijuana-loving about the complete View is hosted by Whoopi Goldberg. It is really sad news that Whoopi Goldberg is suffering from the disease of glaucoma, she only says that she just smokes now a day for some kind of medical purposes or some medical reasons. “ Now I had just started smoking some long time before disease glaucoma effected me— and so or complete fun of it,” then she also laughs in issue of the magazine that was published in the month of June.

On the other hand, after she is also diagnosed with eye disorder, “Now exactly what did I notice was basically that there are some headaches. It also does not take quite long to watch there may be also some kind of correlation.” However, whoopi also added that, “Almost every kind of my use these days is only for the medical reason.” When they also talk regarding marijuana and even hear people saying that ‘Well, now what about children?’ certainly, what about children?”

In such a case she usually adds of the families who now have given the children cannabis, “All these parents are getting treated like the criminals — for the reason, as the final resort and also after high amount of research, they also have decided that the cannabis will help the kid . . . Moreover, they also know that they may even face the time of jail— but they are their kids, so they will certainly do everything that can bring some kind of peace to convulsions or the calm after proper chemotherapy.”

She had also confirmed that usually she is not in the habit of smoking but it is just because of the medical reason she is doing it and even at times just for fun. buddies