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All news /  2014-03-04 20:32:58 / 

Alicia Keys

Date / 2014-03-04 20:32:58

Finally there may be just bit of great couple’s news to the report. This has been just week few main and key relationship bust ups however it appears like the winner of  Grammy Award and her man were doing absolutely fine. Have you also caught the single glimpse of the Alicia Keys recently? Rumors of being pregnant also have been swirl for last some weeks as well as each time when she turns up on red carpet and for live performance which bump seems to really be bit bigger. Moreover, Girlfriend is also smart and even in Hollywood if the people would speculate that you are pregnant, you may lose that pouch very early, till it is really true.

While the Alicia has never one to conform about the ideal vision of Hollywood of the thin stick, I’m quite sure that she is the type of lady to do highly crunches if rumors go wrong. She along with rapper Swizz Beatz, his husband already have 2 year old son hence the timing will be type of perfect to offer little Egypt the baby brother and sister, correct? If she is pregnant now so he will be about 3 while he becomes the big bro as well as that spacing is type of perfect by several family planning standards of some people.

Hence, just take a look at pics and then tell us that what you think, whether Alicia is really pregnant? You need to admit, this would be really nice to report about some great news about the famous couple for small change, wouldn’t it? At the same time as everyone is also splitting up at least possibly Swizz and Alicia are quietly doing it quite fine! Is it also time for the second baby? Just share your thoughts about this. buddies