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Date / 2014-12-20 06:26:40

She utilized to be Amerie, but at the present she is Ameriie and under that musical name, she was forever been Amerie Mi Marie Rogers, born in Masschusetts to the father African-American and mother from Korea. But whatsoever you understand the singer as these days; she will forever have one song as the complete calling card. Not only one song, for all time, but surely ‘1 Thing’ that you cannot understand about it, it is sewn into the material of pop, an exceptional example of eternal composition which borrowed from the previous to withstand the moving trends of the future of music.

A shatter hit in the year 2005, ‘1 Thing’ –second album from Ameriie, ‘Touch’, was followed by more achievement: 2007’s album ‘Because I Love It’ broke the best 20 in the Japan and UK, and ‘In Love & War’ collection of 2009 drew a wonderful deal of serious acclaim, and charting good in the overseas and US. But then, peace. the period of 5 years of it, among the Trey Songz-marked only one ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ and comeback track of 2014, ‘What I Want’, a preceding song the release of not only but 2 latest albums of Ameriie: ‘Cymatika’ and ‘Bili’. Clash seized 10 with Ameriie to check where their head’s at in the here.

So, she actually do not pay a lot attention to what is happening in the wonder business. For them, they do not wish to make ‘for the market’ or something like that. She just actually wish to make anything they are feeling. Each album, it is a print of where they are that is why she do not normally listen to their own old music – at the time it is off their chest, they are onto the further sound. Thus, honestly only make, and that is the type of it. buddies