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All news /  2014-11-07 10:44:17 / 

Ann Coulter

Date / 2014-11-07 10:44:17

Even though traditionalist commentator Ann Coulter was overjoyed throughout their post-election night look on “Hannity” on the night of Wednesday, she had a caution for conformists: “stay suspicious.”

Later than winning seats all over the political range, Coulter declared host Sean Hannity that conformists should keep paranoid and be the “feet to the fire” of party to ward next to GOPers not chasing through on the promises of their election. Even Coulter discussed their wish to make a fence at the edge while even not anything her delight for passing of Oregon measure 88 that bars against the law immigrants from receiving the licenses of drivers. The referendum was turn down by 67% of the voters that is much superior to the totals the Democratic governor of state and senator of U.S. received in their re-election bids.

All over the place they turn, each and every debate they look at, each and every spot they see from the side of Democratic, it is all regarding abortion and birth control, declared Carlson.

The Democrats do not take proper care, replied Coulter, laughing. In case they can obtain the bottom 51% of voters in conditions of IQ and knowledge, they are perfectly pleased. They can fool 51% of the persons that is sufficient to win. And with any luck, they will beat that.

Assessment of Coulter echoed that of Bill O’Reilly of Fox, who newly said that Americans who confidence Democrats over Republicans are “basically confused” or probably “just dumb.”

But the whole of that being supposed, winning 51% of the vote is still appealing, though it is the “base line of 51 percent” as per to Bill O’Reilly and Ann Coulter. buddies