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All news /  2014-10-28 10:16:31 / 

Ann Hampton Callaway

Date / 2014-10-28 10:16:31

The singer who has won Platinum Award, Ann Hampton Callaway had celebrated the music of America’s best iconic musical artists like Barbra Streisand.

However, Callaway has put their own spin on the favorite songs of Streisand– from the touching ballads as well as standards of jazz to pop hits as well as best of the Broadway. She will perform along Oregon Symphony during this weekend. On the other hand prior she also hits stage, then GoLocalPDX will hit the Callaway with few questions of show and so her work the offstage in the film and in television.

When it was asked that does she have the favorite Streisand song for performance, she said that I love to sign all songs that I have selected for Streisand Songbook.  Possibly one I prefer to sing at the most now days is song that I wrote with the Rolf Lovland for the wedding of Barbra, "I have always dreamed about you." Now when I have met love of my life so we are marrying very soon, such words have great resonance. Moreover, my audiences also seem to always relate to this, it also makes complete straight men to cry!  Other favorite, medley of the song "People/Being Alive" as it sums up all what life is about.

When Callaway was asked that which is best to listen at then she said that it is really quite difficult to select only one. Still I will say that I actually love the new duet along Jason Gould, her son on the wonderful songs that is written ever- “The Ocean is How Deep?" I actually relate to love that is shared between my mom that is also the singer, as well, taught me the song & emotional connection that holds me and also for Barbra & Jason that is quite beautiful. buddies