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All news /  2014-09-30 18:05:21 / 

Balthazar Getty

Date / 2014-09-30 18:05:21

Balthazar Getty the Producer and rapper KO The Legend, wonderfully known as name of their group The Wow, say they are channeling a Hip Hop sound fused of 90s with a more modern outlook with their projects because they do not wish to be “alienate” and “single-minded” where music is working.

Basically The Wow is Balthazar Getty and KO The Legend and it is a throwback to that duo of 90s where you had that particular producer and that rapper and that reliability of the two artists working together, explains by producer Balthazar Getty in a very private interview with HipHopDX. It is a throwback to the records that you and they love… but even together with where music is moving. You do not wish to estrange where it is going and just be one-minded. Therefore it is a fusion of what they grew up with and sonically what is occurring, it is only that duo. Founder of Purplehaus Music, Balthazar Getty, and move on to give details why the voice of an artist is very important in Hip Hop as it “divides” them from the remaining pack.

Many guys can Rap he give details about it. 1/10 guys in New York and LA can almost certainly Rap but it is the voice that actually—of course it is the bars, certainly it is the lyrics, it is the spirit, it is the heart, it is the fire but you even need to have a particular voice. Not everyone has that. KO has that particular voice, you experience like you previously understand it when you listen it in a manner. It is already recognizable to you. Thus it is that mixture of lyrics and tone and overall musical skill. KO is a maker, he is a writer, he is an emcee, he is a songwriter but it is even something tonality in the voice which he suppose. In case you plan of every wonderful emcee there was something regarding their voice that divided them, which makes them somewhat superior than remaining. buddies