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All news /  2014-03-10 20:06:05 / 

Barbara Boxer

Date / 2014-03-10 20:06:05

Sheryl Sandberg, the CEO of Facebook is planning to enhance the challenge for California’s 2 U.S. seats of Senate, much likely the one which is held by the Democratic Sen. Sandberg is basically among the wealthy women in America and moreover, her reported net value is about $1.05 billion thereby making $30 or about $40 million needed to win seat simply within her attain devoid of raising the dime from anyone. At the same time, Sheryl wishes to find the seat prior to the election in the year 2016, while Hillary Clinton would probably run for the president, the source close to the inner circle of the Sandberg which they told MailOnline. While, MailOnline contacted the Sandberg yesterday certainly there was just no comment. On the other hand, this morning the source this is close to her and said that ‘it is about 100 per cent not true. The year 2016 is Sen. Boxer would also stand for the re-election. Dianne Feinstein, other senator of the state, will not face other contest till the year 2018, but she can also retire by then thereby leaving the open seat. However, Sandberg, the source of MailOnline said, is it not likely to wait for long.

The bruising fight in 2 ambitious women will also force Hillary Clinton for choosing the sides; between their earlier colleague in U.S. Senate as well as the woman those managed daily operation of Treasury Department at the time of second term of Bill Clinton in White House. Moreover, Sandberg was the chief of the staff to summers of Treasury Secretary Larry from the year 1996 till Clintons left Washington. At the same time, married mother of 2, 44-year-old also helped the work of lead Treasury to forgive debt in developing world at the time of Asian financial crisis. buddies