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Bobby Burgess

Date / 2014-08-23 15:21:41

Bobby Burgess was first dancing star of television. Set aside Dancing with the famous Stars, Bobby Burgess was cutting a rug with the waltz, samba, jitterbug, tango, and many more as the marked dancer for 21 years on The Lawrence Welk Show, then on Welk reruns aeration on PBS. He was dancing up the storm as the unique Mouseketeer on series of classic Mickey Mouse Club TV of Walt Disney. At the present Bobby informs all in their secretly book, Ears & Bubbles: Dancing My Way from The Mickey Mouse Club to The Lawrence Welk Show, which is available on Amazon and all the way through worldwide bookstores.

They had such a wonderful life in the line of work that they love...dancing, declared Burgess. There have been so many adventures, wonderful stories, television gossip, and humorous anecdotes which they have desired to share with the persons who grew up with them and this whole book tells in brief.

Bobby was appointed for The Mickey Mouse Club at the time he was only 13 years old and turn into one of the very famous Mouseketeers, best memorized for the skill of dancing and grand big smile. Bobby was 19 at the time he turns into a normal on the Welk Show as well as brought the ballroom dance styling into several of living rooms all over the country each week.

Be trained what Annette Funicello was actually like, how Welk make their empire on the family values and handshake, and poignant of Bobby, last meetings with their two television fathers, Lawrence Welk and Walt Disney. Humorous tales of Bobby of traveling with the Welk company plus the within scoop on their family life as well as world travels make for the engaging, homesick dance down remembrance lane. Not to be overlooked is the laugh-out-loud section on "Welkisms. buddies