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Bode Miller

Date / 2014-10-21 08:01:15

Bode Miller, the Five-time Olympian is formally making a career change — he is now going into the business of horse-racing. But the father is not making a plan on trading in their skis to turn out to be tallest jockey of the world. In its place, Miller is searching to suit the next Bob Baffert, the well-known trainer of race horse and owner who is taken Miller under their wing. Bode dropped the information of their career change throughout the interview that is completely set to air this end of week.

Earlier than he even understood you, named their son Bode as of how great of a ski-racing follower he is. They know you co-own a couple horses with them. Yeah, they mean, that is gonna be their career later than skiing, told Miller. They are going to Baltimore and after that to Lexington to kind of confirm the final steps of purchasing a horse property there that has the facility of training that they want, and do some changes.

Miller has toyed with the plan of retiring from skiing to follow their hobby of race-horse full time as at least 2013; at the time Vanity Fair ran a profile regarding Miller, who even lists horse racing as their hobby in their official bio of US Ski Team.

They fell in love with horse-racing and feel they liked the entire procedure, told Miller. They would like to eventually be a good trainer or compose a group which would purchase and train the horses.

You understand family issues, health, and business, told.  They are already juggling very much different things because it is, and skiing is not the only of those type of things that you can take frivolously. buddies