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Brian Edwards

Date / 2014-05-13 15:13:16

Northern Echo has raised a mark of respect to one of, Brian Edwards, its earlier journalists who expired at 81 years of age. A famous former area journalist who gets success in a main international prize, he worked for 30 years in the North East, attending The Northern Echo in the year 1967, where he functioned as the position of sub-editor. Edwards in earlier times worked in Sri Lanka, and there he posed as the prisoner at the Angoda, Mental Hospital throughout the early days of 1960. On the time he had to flee over a wall to note of the sexual and physical mistreatment he witnessed.

The effecting story led to an inquiry of government into the condition of mental health care and gained Brian the Award of Asian Journalist of the Year. Soon after this, Edwards emigrated with their family and turns into a famous member of the community of Newton Aycliffe. Edward’s son, Cliff Edwards, 49, even an earlier Echo journalist, supposed that his dad was an ardent, demonstration journalist in their day and a best, loyal associate to many.

He selects the North East for the relations to settle in as he felt it had an intellect of community. He selects Newton Aycliffe as he experienced that it was a safe and secure environment.

He was extremely proud of their connection with the Echo and liked the friendship of journalists. Later than placing the paper to bed in the before time hours in those specific days, their pals would find into what is now bar of Hogan by offering some copies of the paper exactly hot off the press of Priestgate.

He had got slight a chest criticism related with the Parkinson Disease, from that he had very silently suffered for a lot of years. buddies