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Date / 2014-03-03 19:50:32

Cameron is Rap Game Bill Murray who is the master of their craft with unique, endearing speciality. However, marching towards the beat of their drum sequence, even Cam'ron naturally glides through each facet of the life with the understated coolness which is simply appreciated as well as difficult to duplicate. They have also provided universe with innumerable hours of the entertainment which move way beyond the basic LOLs as well as cry-laugh emojis. This would be really difficult to find a person who has been highly critical to canon of the rap, fashion, pop culture as well as modern language. Moreover, when they released that Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1, their initial solo project since 2009's Crime, the plate of tectonics started to shift. The Cam'ron is the legend even if you are eager to admit it and not. On the other hand, the main difference between the Cam as well as other living legends such as Andre 3000 is where the importance goes beyond the music.

There were also fur capes along with the flannel capes! Moreover, there were also camo capes! This was really breathtaking. Moreover, if Cam'ron also puts their mind to something, this is about to happen, and also KillaCapeSeason is the proof. Moreover, there is just no another artist and person recently breathing which could make the capes fashionable, and even pleasing. If Cam'ron is the one who is wearing the kilts instead of the Kanye, we had the entire kilt and two in closet. We completely looked at such cape pictures specifying, "Damn. I didn’t actually think regarding it before, however capes are just dope. Moreover, aftershock was at the time when Cam'ron as well as Juju stepped out at the Mark McNairy's fall or the show of Winter Fashion Week. They also resembled royalty in each aspect as the Queen as well as King of Zamunda. Moreover, Cam even looked like half as a foreign-dignitary and half-Batman. buddies