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All news /  2014-08-20 13:35:04 / 

Candace Cameron Bure

Date / 2014-08-20 13:35:04

The kids of Andrea Barber are quite happy & delighted about the actress as well as earlier star of "Full House" is yet quite close friends with Candace Cameron Bure, who is the old co-star. However, Andrea Barber, who you are very well aware as Kimmy Gibbler, even said that the children are now getting in the iconic show of 1990s as well as 38-year-old mother having 2 admitted daughter Felicity, was also highly excited & thrilled to meet Candace who is known as the mom's best and close friend.

Moreover, "My kids are just 10, Tate my son and 7 hence they are at a great height of the fandom of 'Full House'," then she told that US Weekly in the joint video interview. "The daughter is also highly excited to come today here and to even meet Candace. AT the same time I'm just like, you have met already Candace!' still this is initial most time when she is also seen Candace as she also became the fan of this show."

Candace Cameron Bure that also played the D.J. Tanner on renowned show also talk regarding how 2 have even stayed that close of such years as show went from the air. Bure is also the mom to the daughter Natasha, who is of 16 years old, and also to the 14 years old son, Lev, 14, & 12 year old son Maksim.

Candace Cameron Bure even revealed that son Maksim, this is also paid off from their mom was actress after this he even had also struggled to make their friends. "I enquired, 'How was the entire day for now?' And so he was also like, that 'It was actually great. Everybody also found that you are my mom, and also you were the D.J. for entire 'Full House,' as well as now everybody wishes to be their friend!'" buddies