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All news /  2015-02-10 16:32:04 / 

Cedric the Entertainer

Date / 2015-02-10 16:32:04

Cedric Entertainer is basically combing the entire world of hair styling as well as art. In recent job that is related with the competition of the reality show, Cedric is hosting “Barber Battle of Cedric”. In new series, apart from having the barbers to compete against one other, However, Cedric will also visit various shops all across the country for exploring the shop of barber community situated in America. Their stops consist of Los Angeles, Harlem, Austin as well as Queens. At the same time, barbers will also move head-to-head in the competition all round to see that exactly how creative, intricate as well as outrageous these are while developing hair sculptures. On the other hand, barbers will also limited for using their clippers as well as some tools of coloring to offer together the intricate pieces of perfect hair art. While Cedric Entertainer at the same time also enjoys riffing over the politics as well as pop culture at the time of their stand-up of the comedy routines, they also enjoys to get personal at the same time.

Cedric is also appearing at U.S. Bank Arena in this weekend being the part of Black as well as the Brown Comedy to Get Down, the all-star of the bill which even consist of George Lopez, D.L. Hughley, Mike Epps, Eddie Griffin as well as Charlie Murphy. On the other hand Cedric also said that idea for tour start as the commemoration of late, wonderful Richard Pryor.

It is also said that “George Lopez is also working along Jennifer Pryor to perform the show for raising the money to put the statue of the Richard in their Peoria hometown. It is highly very successful, we have lovefest of the backstage, and George, promoters worked to put them together.” buddies