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Charles Champlin

Date / 2015-03-02 17:20:18

Charles Champlin, the former art editor of Los Angeles Times, the film critic as well as the columnist whose insightful and elegantly written reviews, as well as the columns, had been entertained his readers for some decades, died on Sunday at home in Los Angeles. That time, he was of 88 years. The main cause was the complications of the disease of Alzheimer, said Charles Champlin Jr, his son. Champlin was graduated at Harvard and had also worked for 17 years at the Life & Time magazines prior to joining Times being worked as the entertainment editor as well as 3 times for each week as the columnist in the year 1965.

During the 26 years at The Times, Champlin also worked as the paper's principal of the film critic starting from year 1967 until the year 1980. Moreover, he also shifted for booking the review and so also with their column of "Critic at Large", provided the general overview about arts. He was then retired in the year 1991 but also continued for contributing to Times' daily as well as sections of Sunday Calendar and also wrote 2 books instead of becoming legally blind through age-related of macular degeneration during the year 1999.

In the honor of the film coverage as well as its criticism, even Champlin received the Star on Hollywood Walk of the Fame in the year 2007. His tenure being the arts editor in late 1970s is also completely touched by the controversy over the coverage of paper one of era's greatest Hollywood scandals: ouster of the David Begelman being the president of motion picture as well as television division through the Columbia Pictures subsequent that he also have forged for about $40,000 worth of the checks, that also includes $10,000 that is made out for Cliff Robertson. buddies