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Cheech Marin

Date / 2015-02-28 07:26:33

Humboldt State University exclusively for the 1st Street of the Gallery generally presents “Chicanitas: with Small Paintings through collection Cheech Marin.” Chicanitas is the exhibition of traveling for small till the medium-sized of the paintings that are chosen from celebrated, collected from the private art of the actor-entertainer, known as Cheech Marin. This collection is also the vibrant, which is compelling the selection of the art provided the window in contemporary culture of the Chicano. This exhibition runs also through 8th of March, with the most opening of the reception during the Saturday at the Arts Alive starting at 6 till 9 p.m.

Marin, that also became popular as the member of year 1960s-70s as the counter of the culture that is comedy for the Cheech as well as Chong, have even long with successful career being the actor in the films, tv and over this stage. So, worlds of the visual arts, Marin are extensively recognized as the tireless champion and the promoter & the collector of the Chicano art. So, in the specific collection of the emerging as well as established Chicano with the Chicana artists also Marin even have turned the affections with paintings of the 16 inches smaller and square.

Whether with the canvas, with wood, paper and copper, every painting is the intimate size that reflects the most internal with the personal portrayal artist life with the community. Being every complete the piece that conveys their story, themes as well as forms of the expression that is familiar to Latino community with broader culture of American start with emerge. Marin sees that is different in the small paintings that also from these in the collection of the Chicano art of mid-1960s with the ‘70s. buddies