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All news /  2014-11-01 06:43:02 / 

Chelsea Handler

Date / 2014-11-01 06:43:02

Certainly, Chelsea Handler moved at full Putin. However, the comedian again took to Instagram on late Thursday, which is the posting of the topless photo about her that has mounted on the horse which is next to the similar pic that is made popular by the Vladimir Putin, the Russian President.

"Anything that the man may do, the woman has perfectly right to do it quite better. #kremlin," Moreover, Handler also wrote in the post which quickly went to be viral.

Still just as quick as the asset of Handler that went to be public, Instagram also yanked post, citing their community guidelines that are against the bareness.

She also then reposted nude pic and that also directly to the social sites such as Twitter with having the caption that says "Taking it down is very wonderful. I have all the right to show that I possess a better body as compared to Putin."

The Handler also added the spicy pic to the Instagram for the second time, it is also daring when the company for violating her initial Amendment rights.

"In case the instagram takes them down again, so you are saying that Vladimir Putin had more than the 1st amendment rights as compared to me. Talk to the bosses”.

However, Instagram pulled them down at the photo for 2nd time, reinstated this and then also deleted it for the 3rd time — all that happened in just one hour.

Her final stunt also combined 2 of their preferred past times such as Public bareness as well as the Russian strongman.

Handler, of age 39, has also poked fun at the Putin prior to this. Her last jab at the Putin shows also Handler, exhausting just the jeans and the riding the helmet, across the chestnut horse in the field of the all wild flowers. This is the rip-off from the shirtless Putin at horseback in the Siberia from the year 2009. buddies