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All news /  2014-11-13 05:48:58 / 

Chris Jericho

Date / 2014-11-13 05:48:58

As observed, Chris Jericho is marked sit down interview in this week with Michael Cole. Check some important highlights of this interview:

Jericho declared that he was appointed on the existing tour of WWE European and like approaching back to the region of UK.

Jericho discussed regarding next tour of Fozzy which kicks off on 20th November in Flint, Michigan. On the other hand, Jericho supposed that they have been mostly touring in the area of United States but would be come back in the March in UK.

Cole inquired regarding how Jericho is promoting their book throughout the channel of social media. Jericho declares that he is been involved with the web for years and understands how essential social media is. He discussed regarding how you get immediate response from followers on social media at the present time.

Jericho explains Team Authority vs Team Cena at Survivor Series is great as the whole thing is available on the line, it is whole or not anything. Cole discussed for a guess and Jericho dodged this and supposed that you would suppose them to wish Team Cena to get success. Jericho declared that he understands what he has approaching with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H but does not understand what is coming in case Team Cena get success. Jericho does not wish Cena managing WWE. Even as he expects The Authority does not get away of manage, he does not wish them to lose the power.

Jericho completed the interview by declaring Cole he is as sexy as until the end of time. buddies