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All news /  2015-03-09 08:22:44 / 

Chris Pine

Date / 2015-03-09 08:22:44

Can Chris Pine, who is of age 34, should be dating with 26 years old Zoe Kravitz? New and the latest photographs of pair and also about together that have surfaced, as well as they even looked to be quite happy and delighted to be in their company! Hence, what’s the main deal? Zoe Kravitz and Chris Pine Dating? — It is the alert of New Couple.

Since the Zoe headed in the restaurant of Madeo on Saturday night, on 21st Feb, the tall as well as dark, and incredibly handsome Chris Pine is on their heels. This also rumored as the couple that is stayed quite close to one another, and also they spent time while chatting up with their other guests. So, arriving together as well as schmoozing the entire crowd together? This also sure sounds similar to the “couple” that things they do!

So, among different guests available at the dinner along Zoe as well as Kravitz are Kristen Stewart and even Jessica Chastain as well as pregnant Keira who is Knightley. On the other, the guest also close to rumored with pair claim which they are “great friends.”

 “Chris and Zoë have also known one other for last some years. Moreover, they even get along quite great,” this source also explained. By looks of pictures of these at the Madeo, thay also does seem to be if they will enjoy being quite close to each other, doesn’t this? It is quite interestingly as this is also not initial most time when Zoe and Chris also have been for the together “date night”. So, back again in the year 2014 in September this pair also went to the Coldplay concert all together, so it definitely seemed to be two as more friends then, as well. buddies