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All news /  2014-10-31 08:05:12 / 

Christian Camargo

Date / 2014-10-31 08:05:12

It actually looks like the one of the Dexter‘s highly dishonorable enemies may be creating some kind of trouble for the Sherlock Holmes as well as for the Watson next. Moreover, Christian Camargo, that is popularly known to play the role of the biological brother of the Dexter that is not to specify the boyfriend of Deb, Brian Moser, the aka killer of Ice Truck, on the series of the Showtime that will be also the guest starring on the Elementary CBS this season since Joan Watson’s ex-flame, that may or possibly may not be capable to reignite spark between good doctor & then himself.

As per the TVLine, that initially first broke casting news, the character of Camargo is also named Chris, and so he is “Joan’s earlier medical colleague and also ex-boyfriend. He also reaches them to her for the assistance with the problem — however at the course of association; the old feelings also get enthused.” TVLine even hints Chris & even Joan are quite close to get married again when they are together.

Apart from this to the Dexter, the past TV credit of Carmago generally consists of the Haven, Mentalist, Law as well as the Order, and also the Good Wife. That is even appeared in the couple of key films, like The Twilight Saga which is the Breaking Dawn — 2nd Part and also the Kathryn Bigelow which is also directed, that is the winner of Best Picture the Hurt of the Locker. Carmago would also appear in 7th episode of the Elementary‘s that is the upcoming 3rd season.

Elementary, that also stars Johnny Lee Miller as the Sherlock Holmes, as well as Aidan Quinn being the Captain Thomas Gregson, as well as Jon Michael Hill as the Detective Marcus Bell, together with the Liu’s Watson, started their 3rd season on Oct. 30 Thursday at 10 p.m. on the CBS. buddies