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All news /  2014-08-27 08:40:55 / 

Clem Burke

Date / 2014-08-27 08:40:55

You take 4 musicians that grew up on rock and roll of 50’s and early 60 and then put them in the studio together, these are also bound to come up through music which feels happy, organized as well as fresh; the type of sounds that basically you bop the head to, always sway the shoulders & your hips, smile. Fortunate, 4 musicians did recently get together & then record few songs such as, calling themselves as Empty hearts, the debut album that is recently available for the public consumption, garnering to the rave reviews from critics as well as fans. It is comprised of the Cars Elliot Easton, the guitar player and Romantics vocalist named as Wally Palmar, the Blondie drummer of the Chesterfield Kings and the Clem Burke bass player Andy Babiuk, as they are hopped again to music which hooked them in the youth and also has stuck for all those years.

Just few weeks before this, Glide also caught up with highly busy Clem Burke at the time when he was playing the gig in Philadelphia with one of the several side-bands, then the team Split. “We are opening for the band which is known as the project of Baseball, that is Peter Buck as well as band of Mike Mill,” Burke the explained further ahead. At the time when they are not playing with the Blondie or even the Split of the team, then he may found the handling of the skins for most International Swingers which is then featuring with the Glen Matlock of highly Pistols as well as James Stevenson of the Gene Loves Jezebel, that is among various others, as well as working with Clem Burke on the project of Drumming. buddies