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Dallas Page

Date / 2014-07-21 06:52:12

Earlier WCW champion of World Heavyweight who named as page Diamond Dallas that appeared on the Talk Radio of Wrestling and even gave few insights on the Vince McMahon, invasion angle that was back in year 2001, that several people think that this was complete fail. Moreover, DDP is also doing the DDP Yoga; hence if you are in such kind of the thing, wonderful if not, then either of the way, you will be to check this here.

The WCW wrestlers also wish for preventing from offering for your complete family. Eric Bischoff also wishes to shut the job down as well as to take the dinner off from your table.’ This is basically how the Vince got the troops for rallying around them. Moreover, there was also some point in the time where they actually looked as if they are going to shut it down. Also, there was the time while Vince was also kicking water coolers. This was not the great time as it was basically the time while you walked at locker room as well as you can also feel heat. I actually do not feel it till some of the weeks once he was there, after this it was realized that WWF roster yet appeared at us like the enemy.

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