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All news /  2014-05-30 09:41:30 / 

David Copperfield

Date / 2014-05-30 09:41:30

It is perfect time to place on your bonnets, crinolines and top hats, the Festival of Dickens starts very soon. A huge numbers of people are predictable to fill the historic High Street of Rochester and nearby area for the yearly celebration of the entire life and performance of the popular author. Dickens pays a lot of their life in the Medway, shifting to Chatham along with their family at the time he was only five, and lots of their characters and novels were inspired by their skills of living here.

The festival of this year will pay respect to, David Copperfield their most autobiographical novel. It was even the book that he loved very much. In the preamble to the edition 1867, Dickens declares: such as lots of fond parents, he has in his heart of hearts a preferred child. And their name is known by David Copperfield.

Local organization Play on the Words has been specially made by Medway Council to perform and wrote a bite-sized theatre part regarding David Copperfield that they would treat out a numbers of times. And costumed parades and characters, there would even be street readings, entertainment, music and a lot more.

Pace into the Amazing Travelling Camera Obscura depend in the palace gardens to knowledge some attractive or hear Victorian tales regarding bloomers of grandma and more in the chamber of Guildhall.

Check out for the Seven Dials Rapscallions who would be roving the High Street. The characters of gang portray living the dirty and down side of the life of Victorian; a perfect word to the astute – check your pockets.

There would even be an entertaining fair in the gardens of Rochester Castle and a craft fair for so many visitors to look through. buddies