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All news /  2014-07-03 09:55:48 / 

David Johansen

Date / 2014-07-03 09:55:48

The New York Dolls of the front man, which is David Johansen, is also kicking their ex, Kate Simon, from their vacation from home near the Woodstock. At the same time, David Johansen, age 64, even went to the court on Wednesday subsequent to filing the contempt motion which was against the Simon that is the photographer who also got married to rock legend for about 20 years subsequent to which she was failed to comply through the divorce settlement as well as to sell home of the couple in Bearsville, at NY.

Matthew Cooper, Supreme Court Justice also ruled out that 4-bedroom of the house nestled for about 19 acres should be immediately keep on market for about $700,000. The source also said this, “The house is also supposed to be even sold as the part of agreement of 2011 divorce, but this was also not sold. Moreover, selling price is quite high, as well as it was in the state which was much unattractive to the buyers. Also, Kate continued to use it as the vacation home. Judge ruled this had to be quite immediately to put on the sale for about $695,000.”

Listing with the Coldwell Banker of the Village Green Realty also features the indoor pool as well as the stunning views, which is said by the source. David Johansen that also turned up in the court “appearing like the rock star,” through the black pants, the jacket with the velvet collar as well as with open-necked shirt who was also married with Simon, known with the shooting rockers as well as the artists that includes Patti Smith, David Bowie and Ed Rauscha in the year 1983. They also filed for their divorce in the year 2006 and also settled in year 2011. He has also now happily and well married to the Mara Hennessey. buddies