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All news /  2014-03-07 20:17:28 / 

Dax Shepard

Date / 2014-03-07 20:17:28

Consuming the celebrity news, you may also think that certainly nothing is off the limits to prying eyes of paparazzi. Moreover, In the late January, the actors Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell, his wife launched the campaign on Twitter which could end the harassment as they face from paparazzi for the pictures of baby. So, using hashtags #pedorazzi as well as #NoKidsPolicy, Bell and Shepard called on celebrity Industry of gossip media to stop the use of such images and for the fans to stop purchasing them. Few of the media outlets also took tweeting acutely. Lately ET, the People magazine along with the celebrity blog of gossip Just Jared and pledged to stop the publishing of any kind of unauthorized photos of the celebrities kids. These is notable initial steps which limit the kinds of the unchecked the access which public thinks this is entitled to have in the lives of the celebrities. However, while we may congratulate such companies for the rare display of the restraint in industry of celebrity media industry, we would recognize that certainly there’s abundance of blame to move around.

Several consumers display the twisted sense of the entitlement while it comes to the gawking n the lives of the celebrities. From the celebrity breakups to the makeups, from manicures to the miscarriages, we also demand the unfettered access to private lives of the celebrities. Morever, paparazzi are embodiment of public demand. While paps definitely have 1st Amendment on its own side, this is problematic while these photos harass the celebrities, as well as especially their children.

In August, at the time of hearing in the support of bill which is aimed to protect the children of the celebrities of paparazzi, also the actresses of Jennifer Garner as well as Halle Berry which is well described as few of harassment of the families experience from the photographers. buddies