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All news /  2014-09-02 08:54:02 / 

Devon Aoki

Date / 2014-09-02 08:54:02

Rila Fukushima certainly is not quite the household which is name of America still, but certainly she is also gaining great popularity though the comic book of geek audiences. In previous year, Japanese actress or the model got the opportunity for the breakout which is starring the opposite of Hugh Jackman at James Mangold who is Wolverine, as well as now she is also ready to ride entire genre to small screen, when she would also be appearing frequently in the episodes of the Arrow during the fall. The deadline has scoop, which also reveals the Fukushima has also replaced Devon Aoki as character a.k.a. Katana or Tatsu Yamashiro in 3rd season of entire series of DC Comics. While such would be the initial time who Katana is also appearing on show, she also has been around comics as the early of 1980s as well in New 52 that relaunch has been the key member of Birds of the Prey. In the Arrow, she would also be the featured in flashback of Oliver Queen, where she would be the two mentors that play the critical role turning them in the costumed vigilante protector of the entire Starling City.

Katana is also quite skilled with the sword that is how she also winds up the earning of the name. However, Rila Fukushima is great casting if however not just as it possibly means that the Arrow will also be able to save the little on the combat trainer for actress. However, she also proved herself to be well handy of the holding the blade in Wolverine - also if she is faking it:

When it is clearly the key as well as recurring role, this remains unclear in case Katana would be joining the Oliver & company in present day that is quite similar to what has happened with Sara and Deathstroke in last season. buddies