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Dr. Dre

Date / 2014-04-05 20:57:37

The ScHoolBoy Q, Scarface and Dr. Dre are mainly among rappers that have used most curse words in the rhyme. As per the report from the, these 3 acts were also landed on registry of the "Most Profane Rap Artist," that "examined complete profanity in the famous rap music ever since the year 1985."  However, compilation of the data mainly includes different slots for the artists who basically use "most cuss words in each song" and in the rap albums as well as songs with most profanity. "For doing this, we have selected 5 albums from every year that have even deemed as most influential as well as important. Complete sales, the name recognition of the artist, as well as album hit density every factored in the choices of our album. The group of face, the geto boy also came in initial place over rappers who would use most cuss words in every song. Tally followed by their appearance being the solo artist, at the side of Juvenile, N.W.A. as well as Dr. Dre. Tupac, the ScHoolBoy Q, Ludacris, D12 and UGK close the Top 10.

Above on list of "Most Profane Rap Album", Tupac's every Eyez at Me also earned the topmost spot as well as quite small Raw, even Uncut as well as X-Rated snagged as "higly blasphemy in the title of every Song". Moreover, in the complete 31,564 curse words are used in the 145 popular albums of rap ever since the year1985, that breaks down to about 217.7 curse of words in each album. Also, most famous in 4 letter word of pool is basically N-word that was also used about 10,098 times.    

At the same time, articles also said that "We even examined the complete profanity in famous rap music ever since the year 1985”. buddies