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All news /  2014-05-03 10:56:15 / 

Drew Barrymore

Date / 2014-05-03 10:56:15

At the present time Drew Barrymore is concentrating on her motherhood. The famous actress of 39-year-old - who gave birth to their 2nd daughter, Frankie, with her husband Will Kopelman in the previous month - confess that even though she ''loves'' functioning on her splendor range Flower, she frequently works from home thus that she can be all around their 19-month-old Olive daughter.

Talking earlier than the birth of Frankie, she supposed that with the prettiness company, she can do work from their home sometimes, therefore she get to spend her precious time with her lovely daughter.

Although she had meetings the whole day, she is there in the time of morning and she is home in the time for near the beginning of dinner. It is that she wants her life to be perfect at this time.

The merging star is even dedicated to assisting less lucky kid and works intimately with a aid organization based in the US.

In the conference with the new topic of Red magazine, she give details about that she work with a US based foundation that gathers things for young families who are in really need, whether it is strollers, diapers, clothes or cribs.

The component of human is where her heart's drawn to about the charity. Babies: that is what obtains her. Will and Drew welcomed their baby Frankie on the 22nd April.

The lovely couple declared in the statement that they are very happy to make known that at this time they are the pompous parents of their 2nd daughter, Frankie Barrymore Kopelman. Olive has a latest small sister, and everybody is happy and healthy. buddies