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All news /  2015-02-16 17:29:56 / 

Exene Cervenka

Date / 2015-02-16 17:29:56

Exene Cervenka is popularly known as singer for the year ‘80s L.A. and punk band of X, where the albums “Wild Gift” as well as “Under Great Black Sun” that are earned it is the place in punk canon. Quite recently, Cervenka is the moonlighting as the self-styled of the conspiracy theorist, providing dubious ruminations over YouTube as well as Twitter under pseudonym Christine of Notmyrealname.

The conspiracy-theorist of the leanings also went hugely unrecognized till the week, while she also tweeted from the personal account about Santa Barbara that are shootings are “a hoax.” At the same time, Cervenka also linked the YouTube videos along the titles such as “Santa Barbara that is Shooting Staged for the Gun Control,” allegedly providing the evidence that the Elliot Rodger’s of the Saturday rampage has also left 7 people dead as well as highly injured is the “false flag,” the most huge attack of the orchestrated by United States, however also blamed on other party to push the political goal. Many tweets also are deleted, though the Spin is the archive online.

Cervenka subsequently tweeted which she will “shut up” regarding the conspiracy theories as well as posted with quasi-apology exclusively the statements on the Facebook.

Cervenka started uploading the series of the videos under the conspiracy of theorist with the alter-ego final year, providing updates with conspiracy theories as well as also dating advice exclusively those who believe end of world is quite the nigh. Many YouTube videos of Cervenka also went private subsequent to Vice profiled over Friday, on the other hand Vice recaps the document about the bent in the conspiracy-theorist. The Twitter account of Cervenka even preserves their links to the YouTube videos of conspiracy with the titles such as the shoot of Down the Russian Rocket. buddies