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Date / 2014-09-11 13:37:40

In case you are the head of hip-hop, you may possibly remember to see Jay Z got perfectly dressed from their head-to-toe in their line of Rocawear clothing at the time of Roc-A-Fella Records, but this is the new day for entire brand. So, with launch of latest line of Rocawear BLAK line, Fabolous who is the brand ambassador is also helping ahead to their reach. “BLAK is the perfect mixture of BK and of LA” this was well explained by Fabolous to the MTV News.  “Those 2 places are basically the pot of melting for culture as well as for the diverse societies, moreover BLAK is even trying to take the Rocawear from getting looked at the proper urban street wear, that show the evolution & growth, in being an around the entire line.”

Moreover, Brooklyn rapper is the pretty perfect fit for complete campaign, as the fans also have been capable to watch their evolution all through the years. “However, one of these things that I am planning to execute in the music is my evolution, high level of growth, diverse styles, diverse flows, as well as this is the same thing which Rocawear is now doing.”

AT the same time, Rocawear collection of BLAK would even hit the stores in the time for holiday season. However, Fabolous is even well featured in “BLAK is New Black” however anthem video. However, Rocawear with BLAK collection would be also available during Holiday season at the main department as well as the specialty stores.

The Fabolous embodies very most essence of the highly authentic branding that is illustrated by their ability to basically evolve as well as to remain relevant on the other hand even staying completely true to their roots. Certainly, he is a perfect as well as appropriate choice for debut of campaign of Rocawear BLAK.” buddies