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All news /  2015-05-27 18:06:31 / 

Frank Luntz

Date / 2015-05-27 18:06:31

He was mainly introduced by the Brian Kilmeade: ‘he is the pollster, the contributor of Fox News as well as an awesome person,’ that also appeared on the Fox as well as the Friends to explain entire significance of elections in United Kingdom on yesterday. They also gave about 3 reasons for Conservative win that is also significant to America: Pollsters, and, thank God that now I also do the entire communications, it also got dead wrong before the election, Conservatives or Tories are also dead with Labor Party of Ed Milliband.

They also expected the hung Parliament when they do not know that who will lead, on the other hand, David Cameron would also declared undisputed leader of the highly Conservative Party. At the same time, finally, it is highly significant for the U.S. foreign policy. It will also continue support for actually what does U.S. is also doing with respect to ISIS as well as support for Israel. Luntz also has put down the entire of the campaign of Labor Party through comparing it with David Axelrod as well as efforts of President Obama to make the class of warfare on the issue of the election. The British, as per Luntz, are highly hardened as well as cynical to fall for illusion which class of warfare also exists. People with the silly supporters of Labor Party just don’t even know that this is far better for the corporations also to pay the low level of taxes, on the other hand, social services are also slashed savagely.

Luntz these days is also highly thrilled to the death which is the similar awful ideas that are being recognized in the city of Europe. I am also not sure that how long England would accept the same kind of policies for self-destructive prior to going the way of the Alberta, in Canada. buddies