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All news /  2015-06-14 15:33:56 / 

Hayes MacArthur

Date / 2015-06-14 15:33:56

Hayes MacArthur and his wife Ali Larter welcomed their daughter on Thursday. "This is a girl!" Larter has also announced on their website. "We just could not be highly excited to share this news of the arrival of our little princess, Vivienne MacArthur, on 15th January 2015. She has come with gifts for Batman sheets, her brother and other Gummy Bears!!! It is about 7.5 lbs of love." She is 38-year-old actress who has now welcomed their second kid in this world, Vivienne MacArthur, along with Hayes MacArthur, her husband, and she also admitted this couple - who have son of 4 years Theodore - "couldn't get highly excited" about arrival of their kid. The earlier 'Heroes' actress – that has also played the double roles of the Niki Sanders as well as Tracy Strauss in sci-fi series –that is formerly admitted when was also craving lobster rolls as well as onion rings at the time of her 2nd pregnancy.

She also said: "I just can't deny. I persuade myself baby is highly desperate for the lobster roll and also for the onion rings. SO, I am in the northwest now, so this is basically all about the fried clams with the lobster rolls."  On the other hand, unlike while she was also expecting Theodore, this couple has also decided not to search out if they were expecting the girl or the boy this time all around.

She even said: "I just do not think that we are about to find this out".  During the “Last time, they also knew that we also had the boy but during this time, it is real fun having the little surprise now here." At the time of her first pregnancy, even Ali has announced on the episode of 'Late Night through Jimmy Fallon' in the month of September 2010 which she was also expecting a boy. buddies