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All news /  2014-07-17 07:16:51 / 


Date / 2014-07-17 07:16:51

Prior to this specific week, tensions in between the rappers of Maybach Music Group Meek Mill as well as Wale would come to the head through the Twitter. The mostdiscontented Meek also aired out the fellow of MMG comrade through “hating on him,” thereby claiming DC rapper has not shown any kind of support for their upcoming album named as Dreams Worth More as compared to the Money through the social media. However, shortly following rant of Twitter, Wale also took to their Instagram for defending himself, thereby also highlighting the instances of the past support as well as referencing to be unspecified as cold shoulders which are from within MMG camp. VIBE also caught up with the Jadakis as the third of rock-solid which is Lox set during the Philly at Reebok Classics and also the Breakout camp on yesterday for their take on this drama.

Now Jadakiss also says that “Who I am whowill say if this is really right or actually wrong,” of public back&forth. “They also know thatwould not have handled this like it with the brothers. In case we have any kind of discrepancies, then we may settle among one other. It would never also call for any Styles as well asSheek on the Twitter or even on the Instagram or none of the social media website before they actually call them up and even meet them at studio or at their house. This is just not the correct or the appropriate way to feel fit for handling such kind of things.”

On the other hand DJ Drama also seemed to be well torn between these 2 rappers. He has steered the series of Meek’s Dream chaser sever since the year 2011 however has even worked along with Wale. buddies