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All news /  2014-03-01 17:56:10 / 

James the Godfather actor steps out in Hollywood for Italian dinner

Date / 2014-03-01 17:56:10

He is best acknowledged as the quick-tempered Santino Corleone in epic The Godfather of 1972. But on the night of Tuesday actor James Caan confirmed that even criminals have the hunger as he eat out in West Hollywood at the Madeo Restaurant. The Elf actor of 73-year-old waved to pictures as he stepped in the directions of the star hotspot for the Italian meal.

Adorned out in the casual outfit, dark blue color jeans, James stayed hot on the cool night of California with a light blue color button-up, as well as a green color blouse wearing out from just below. James wore a wonderful bracelet of gold chain, and reserved his feet in blue color sneakers. Even as James may be getting wiser and older, lots of his movies are faction classics, and his neo-noir film in 1981 Thief keeps not any type of exception.

The movie has newly been released again on the Blu-Ray by the Criterion Collection, as well as with digital reinstatement of the movie, the package of movie comprises a special interview of video with the expert actor. In Thief, the performer portrayed a professional robber of the jewels, who turns into determined to place his entire life of offense behind him after one last heist of diamond.

The movie acknowledged praise for its careful concentration to detail, as James hired actual-life thieves to supply as technical counselors to the movie, bringing a part of genuineness to the secure-cracking views. In interview, James remembers his success upon effectively drilling into the safe. The latest film of veteran actor, Sweetwater, chases the legend of Nat 'Sweetwater' Clifton, the earliest African American to perform in the season of NBA. James stars next to Patrick Warburton, Wood Harris, and Nathan Lane, who will be performing Sweetwater. buddies