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All news /  2015-04-27 12:52:19 / 

Jamey Geston

Date / 2015-04-27 12:52:19

The Theater situated in Carpinteria is happy to welcome acoustic guitarist and songsmith of Australia Leroy Lee at the stage at the time 8 p.m. on Friday. Starting for Lee would be locally preferred and equally skilled wonderful musician Jamey Geston, an upcoming and shining performer.

The costs of tickets are $15 for normal admission, and these are available at the box office Plaza Playhouse, 4916 Carpinteria Ave., as well as 929 Linden Ave, Curious Cup Bookstore.

Jamey Geston is a wonderful songwriter, singer and multi-performer musician who perform acoustic, guitar, electric, ukulele, bass, piano and mandolin. Their music has a natural combine of indie, merged in a simple beat, and zest with the pinch of audio pop. Executing some of their life, she began singing openly at just the 4 years of age and performing on guitar at the 8 years of age. She has executed at special charity events, festivals and showcases from San Diego County to Santa Barbara County to Arizona.

Geston began writing songs at the 11 years of age and has refined their playing technique and writing skills, and keeps on to work and write on their music with both piano and guitar. In the end time of 2012, she was a Zoey’s finalist Emerging songwriter and singer. Going forward to the last stage completed their youngest competitor in the record of the three-year antagonism. Café of Zoey in Ventura hosts a songwriter or singer opposition in the open mic forum opposite commercial judges.

Jamey Geston can just be 14 years of age, but she is previously showing an intelligence of promise and poise that belies their age. Whether gained by an audio guitar or the piano, voice of Geston is powerful, sweet, and amazingly nuanced. buddies