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All news /  2014-10-20 09:10:48 / 

Jamie Lee Curtis

Date / 2014-10-20 09:10:48

On Wednesday, 1st October 1st, the Egyptian Theater in the famous Hollywood, Screened CA the classic 1978’s Halloween film of John Carpenter, and they were there for a extremely rare conversation with the director and their actress Jamie Lee Curtis and stars.

Screening as the main part of Beyond Fest as well as offered by the Amity and American Cinematheque, the re-mastered digitally movie under the management of Dean Cundey, the famous cinematographer was greeted by a sold-out house, as was the entrance of legendary scream queen Curtis and director Carpenter, who took the phase to a standing prolonged applause for a long conversation on the movie, it is a best place in the history of cinema, and something more with Geoff Boucher moderator. They ran video of the conversation and following Q&A in its total that can be found, as they can choose pictures from the earth-shattering evening.

Also, star Jamie Lee Curtis, who was not on the hand to sign, took a instant out in spite of to lend their autograph to the vintage knife of Lamson butcher that will ultimately be auctioned off through The Horror Starlets and Busted Foundation of Dread Central, with profits to advantage local Los Angeles woman who are struggling with harmful breast cancer. A perfect shot of the signed knife exist in in the gallery.

It is very good thing and feel like to thank John Michael Elfers for managing the still wonderful photography, Grant Moninger and Margot Gerber of the American Cinematheque and Beyond Christian Parks of Fest for making simple the signing, and especially, Jamie Lee Curtis for their valuable time. buddies