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All news /  2015-03-07 10:43:18 / 

Jay Chandrasekhar

Date / 2015-03-07 10:43:18

In the Reddit AMA for promoting the rally, the Amazon pilot, Jay Chandrasekhar, also revealed that the sequel of the Super Troopers, their 2001 cult of the classic with their comedy group such as Broken Lizard; he also works as well as the head to the Kickstarter. "The Super Troopers two is also looking quite possible," Chandrasekhar also mentioned. “We will also have the update in just a few months.” This is the possibility to head to crowd-funding of the website to raise your money for this movie that also have been floated in the past, but so now it also seems like this is the proper plan.

However, Chandrasekhar also told Redditors about the movie that would hopefully shoot during the winter. Screenrant also had reported the group members that have revealed on the podcast previous year about Fox was willing for distributing this film, but filmmakers required raising the money for the promotion, as well as production. “We wish to make the Super Troopers 2 for next & so Fox wish us to increase not just all money to make this, but even all money to release this,” Chandrasekhar also said in AMA. On the other hand, Veronica Mars also proved about Kickstarter can be the great resource for the projects with the fervent base of a fan in such kind of position.

So, for the prizes, Chandrasekhar also revealed that the donors can also get the proper visit from Brokenguys of Lizard. “When we got the Super Troopers 2 are done, we are also going to the tour together as the group,” he then said. “The Kick starter also prizes is about to be coming to the town, doing this show as well as having the private party is also screening with different donors.” buddies