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All news /  2015-03-18 11:48:52 / 

Jaycee Chan

Date / 2015-03-18 11:48:52

Jaycee Chan now has also denied the allegations by specifying that superstar Jackie Chan, his father, has also now used their connections for reducing their prison sentence. As per the actor, Oriental Daily that held the press conference of Beijing previous Saturday that subsequent to the release through the prison, that also stated that they does not receive the type of special treatment on the other hand he was in the prison.

"It is however quite strict," mentioned Jaycee, in the regard to officers at Dongcheng Centre of Detention. "I also was treated with similar way as various different inmates." At the different note, they also parents to the Jackie Chan as well as Joan Lin are strikingly the absent from press conference. On the other hand, while they have asked regarding their whereabouts, even Jaycee has mentioned that their father is recently quite busy to promote their new film that is, "Dragon Blade". So, for Joan, even Jaycee has confessed that they will have asked not to come here. "Their mother is also quite very nervous to face the media; hence I have asked not to come. So, any one wish to see the family that also suffer for the reason of these," he has said.

While it was asked for addressing ban which State Administration of China for the Press, Film, Television, Radio that are also executed with criminally charged of the celebrities, said Jaycee that he would also respect these laws, even though also added that they also hope to direct the movie as well as to make the music in long run. On the other hand, Chan, who is of age 32, also gave media with slip after such kind of press conference for Beijing during previous Saturday, the day subsequent that he is also freed from the jail. buddies