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All news /  2014-06-02 09:36:34 / 

Jeff Daniels

Date / 2014-06-02 09:36:34

Marj Daniels is getting ready to close one more chapter in the story of their life, but she doesn’t wish the further chapter to be their last. Later than the period of 25 years as the Uptown Antiques owner in Chelsea downtown, Daniels has closed their shop everlastingly. It was best run, but the particular time has come for there to drape up that specific part of their life and mount with the next shift in their journey.

The traditional store is being settled throughout the auction which set for May 28 at 10 a.m. at the old Ace Hardware Store. A sample of the things for sale was started at 9 a.m.

Marj opened their store in Nov, 1989 later than their family expectant there to become an owner of the business. Bob was late husband and he was running the business of family lumber all over the street at the particular time in front of the Jiffy, with John youngest son learning the tactics of business that now he runs.

The starting 10 years were enjoyable, supposed by Marj. The financial system was very strong and young families and couples would arrive and purchase so many their wares. Then a slump hit approx 2000 and the boom and fun finished.

Marj supposed that persons would be driving throughout Chelsea from beyond state and in case they were from the west or east coast they would observe an antique shop and need to stop.

In its place of persons coming in and purchasing antiques they would carry things in searching to sell or also worse, carry their children into the store similar to it was a museum and give details what the things were. The initial of the month, she understands that it was the time to move. buddies