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Jelena Jensen

Date / 2015-03-23 06:51:44

21st century is basically the grim time when you can also fuck on the camera for the money. On the other hand even the Tube sites as well as piracy also have reduced such kind of demand for the work of the adult performers, as well as great thanks to the webcams, so any person with the perfect WiFi connection will also become porn performer. Hence, to actually stay to be quite profitable, that is the porn star of Jelena Jensen that also taken the complete control of their professional presence of the digital. The film school of the graduate, even Jensen runs their website, also manages the different performer’s websites, also shoots different kind of videos, and at the same time also hosts J Spot that is the radio show available at the Vivid Radio. On the other hand even working on the home for most of the days in the front of the computer, they also then resembles the complete average of the one-person of the web entrepreneur even though of the fact that one that works through the titties as well as the dicks.

Wishing to learn additional about the different ways that even Jensen has also combated the piracy as well as they also stayed to be solvent, It is also called her for discussing the entire struggles of the porn industry, entrepreneurship, as well as this is the reason that why she called herself to be the “webmistress.”

Jelena Jensen was also going to the film school during the Chapman University with the Orange County, in the California. It was also looking for some kind of the part-time job which will also be flexible at the time of school year, as well as it also came across the job as well as to put in the application. buddies